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Being a good Neighbour

Metro is committed to a fair and discrimination free environment for our tenants. We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment towards any tenant. This includes verbal, physical or other forms of harassment, discrimination or threatening behaviour related to racial, religious, cultural or personal differences.

Tenants have an obligation to abide by the conditions of their tenancy agreement. This means being responsible for their own conduct as well as for the behaviour of other occupants and visitors to their property.

Metro will not intervene in a neighbourhood dispute or investigate allegations unless the behaviours relate to a breach of the tenancy agreement. We encourage tenants to resolve problems with other tenants themselves or with the assistance of mediation services such as Community Justice Centres. It is not our role to carry out criminal investigations.


If we are able to substantiate that a complaint is a breach of the tenancy agreement we will take appropriate action through the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal.

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