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Emergency and Disaster Management Plan 

Emergency plan for tenants


An emergency is a situation harmful to a person or property if not rectified quickly. Examples of emergencies include:
• Burst water service
• Broken hot water service
• Sewerage blockage
• Serious roof leak
• Gas leak
• Electrical fault with the potential to cause damage or endanger lives
• Flooding
• Fault in a lift (for apartment buildings)
• Damage caused by flood, fire or storm



Tradespeople are to be contacted in an EMERGENCY ONLY.

Should the matter not be considered an emergency; the tenant shall be responsible for payment of the account.

Before contacting a tradesperson be sure to check the following:
No Electricity
1. Check if neighbours have power as it may be that the whole suburb has loss of power. You can contact Ausgrid on 13 13 88 or check their website to confirm this.
2. Check the RCD Switches to see if they have been triggered. If the RCD has flicked to the off position, you may have a faulty appliance. You will need to unplug all appliances, turn the switch back on and then plug them all back in one by one to see if they trigger the switch to go off again. The appliance that flicks the RCD needs to be left off.
Please Note: If an electrician is called out and reports that the cause of the RCD switch being triggered is due to a tenant’s faulty appliance, the tenant will be liable to pay the cost of this callout. If a property appliance is faulty e.g. the oven, hot water system, air conditioner. The owner will be liable to pay the cost of this repair.
3. Check that payment of your electricity account is not overdue.

Broken Pipe or Water Meter
1. If you have no water, check to see if neighbours have the same problem, as there may be maintenance being carried out in your area. You can call Sydney Water on 13 20 90 or check their website to confirm this.
2. If water is gushing from a pipe and it is between the water meter at the front of the property and the rear fence, turn your water off at the mains. Call a plumber to arrange repairs.
3. If the leak is between the water meter and the road, you will need to call Sydney Water emergency number – 13 20 90 to arrange urgent repairs.
4. You will be able to turn the meter on and off at the mains, as you require water until it can be repaired.
5. Any excessive water accounts due to the tenant’s not reporting maintenance will need to be paid in full by the tenant.

No Gas or Burst Gas Pipe
1. Please check with neighbours to see if they have a gas connection, as repairs may be being carried out in your area. 
2. Check that your account is not overdue.
3. Turn the gas off in the main meter box usually located on the wall at the front of the house.
4. If you suspect a gas leak; turn off the gas supply at the meter and call a plumber to seek advice on how to best handle the leak.

No Hot Water
1. Check that the flame on any gas hot water system has not blown out due to heavy winds etc. It is the tenant’s responsibility to relight the pilot light should it be blown out.
2. If the hot water system is leaking you must turn the water off. There is usually a water isolation valve located next to or close to the hot water system.
3. Call a plumber to help resolve the problem.

Locked out of House
1. If during office hours; call your housing officer, and if available, you may come and borrow the office set of keys to let yourself back into your house.  These keys must be returned by the end of the day.
2. If locked out after hours or on the weekend you will need to call a Locksmith to let you back into the property. Please Note: The tenant is responsible for this cost. We would advise that tenants arrange either a lockbox or to give a spare key to a reliable family member or friend to avoid this happening as the use of a Locksmith can be very expensive.

Storm Damage or Flooding
Contact the State Emergency Service on 132 500 for urgent assistance.
Call Fire Brigade – 000
Break In
1. Report to police on 131 444 and obtain a police report number.
2. Contact required services to get the property secured until you can contact your Property Manager on the next business day.
Broken Glass
1. Should the broken glass be an emergency, (e.g., It is dangerous to leave it until Monday) Ring an emergency glass repairer and get the glass repaired.
2. If the breakage is due to a break in ensure that the matter is reported to the police on 131 444 and a police report number is obtained.


It is important to email your housing officer with a description and photos of the emergency incident and await further instructions.

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