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Accessable Accomodation

Metro Community Housing have two types of accommodation available, being, capital properties and leasehold properties. 

These are explained further below. 

Leasehold Properties

As the majority of our properties are rented from private owners, Metro has limited capacity to provide housing for people with a physical disability who require accessible or modified properties.

In some circumstances we are able to obtain permission from owners for minor modifications such as hand grips or railings on stairs or in bathrooms, but generally owners will require any modifications to be removed at the end of the tenancy. Owners may request remediation of any damage caused by disability modifications – this may include replastering or painting of walls where rails have been removed.

Suburb Neighbourhood
Apartment Building

Capital Properties

Metro has a very small number of accommodation units that have been modified to meet the needs of people who use a wheelchair or who have mobility restrictions.

If existing tenants require modifications to enable them to remain in their current property we will try and implement any modification requirements where there is an Occupational Therapist’s report and modification designs have been prepared by an appropriately qualified agency/individual. Metro Community Housing will generally pay for the cost of modifications but we will assess this on a case by case basis.

In some circumstances the tenant’s current accommodation may not be suitable for modification and in these cases we will make all attempt to rehouse the person in appropriate accommodation.

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