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There are several processes to provide assurance to the community that we are operating in a fiscally responsible manner and providing high quality services to our stakeholders.

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  1. All Community Housing providers are required to be registered on an annual basis by the Registrar of Community Housing. This involves independent review of each organisation’s operations in relation to financial and asset management. Registration processes are intended to ensure that we are accountable for how we use government funding and the processes we have in place to protect government assets (ie properties).

  2. On a quarterly and annual basis Metro provides extensive data to our funding body in relation to the management of our properties and tenancies. This assesses our performance in relation to the management of arrears, void and vacant periods and operating costs against benchmarks set for the community housing sector as a whole.

  3. Metro has also voluntarily undertaken Accreditation through Global-Mark to assess our compliance with the Community Housing standards. Accreditation also assesses our compliance with financial and asset management but has an added focus on examining the quality of our services to applicants and tenants.

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