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What do I do when repairs are needed?

Get in touch with Metro Housing as soon as possible to tell us about the repairs needed. It is best to let us know in writing.

You can contact us by:

  • ​Please click on the following link to report a repair.  Make sure you fill out all the details on the form so that we know which property it is.  You can also add photos which would be extremely helpful for staff to help identify the problem and have it resolved at the soonest possible time. 

  • Please do not log urgent repairs through this link, call the office immediately or if after hours use the information listed at the bottom of the page. 

  • telephone: 02 9565 4599

  • in person: you can come to our office at Suite 208, 1 Erskineville Rd (corner of Wilson St), Newtown NSW 2042 (see in at the bottom of the page a map to our office location). Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10am – 4pm, Wednesday 1pm – 4pm, Friday by appointment only


If you call outside these hours leave a message on the voicemail of Metro Housing and we will return your call as soon as possible.

One of the following will then occur:

  • If the property you live in is rented on the private rental market, Metro Housing will then contact the owner or Real Estate Agent to arrange to have the repair addressed.

  • If the property is a capital property, Metro Housing will arrange for a contractor to do the work. The contractor will ask you, when they have finished, to sign a form saying the work has been satisfactorily completed. If you are not happy with the job they have done do not sign this form, instead contact the office to tell us about it.

  • Whether you live in a private rental or a capital property when you report a repair we will ask you if it is OK to give your telephone number to the repair person so that they can get in touch with you to do the repair. If you don’t have a telephone, or don’t want to give out your number we will need to make some other arrangement with you for access to the property.


You are responsible for any damage caused by yourself, your family or anyone you let come onto the premises. Metro Housing will not pay for any tenant caused damages.

Metro Housing will not pay for any repairs, or painting, or pest fumigation you do to the property without our permission. If you do work to the property, or alter it without permission you may have to pay compensation to put it back to the way it was originally.


How long will it take?


Non urgent repairs should be completed within two weeks of you contacting us. Some long-term maintenance such as repainting may take longer. If the repairs have not been completed within a reasonable period of time, please contact the office to let us know.


What about Emergencies?


Some repairs are urgent and need immediate attention. The Residential Tenancies Act 1987 says urgent repairs are:

  • a burst water service

  • a blocked or broken toilet

  • a serious roof leak

  • a gas leak

  • a dangerous electrical fault

  • flooding or serious flood damage

  • a failure or break down of the gas, electricity or water supply to the property

  • a failure or breakdown of any essential service such as hot water, cooking, heating or laundering

  • any fault that causes the residential premises to be unsafe or unsecured.


If a repair is urgent please call the Metro Housing office on tel: 02 9565 4599.


If you try to call us but cannot reach us you can call the trades people listed on your tenancy agreement to come and do temporary emergency repairs. They will send the account to Metro Housing, but please note: temporary repairs must not come to more than $500.00.


If these tradespersons are not available you can contact a qualified tradesperson of your choice.


In this case you will have to pay the cost of the repair and then give Metro Housing a copy of the receipt within 14 days to get reimbursed.


Some other emergency numbers you could try if Metro Housing, or our nominated tradespeople are not available are:

  • Electricity: Energy Australia 133 466 or Ausgrid 13 13 88

  • Sydney Water: 13 20 90

  • Gas: 13 19 09

  • State Emergency Service: 132 500

  • Police: 000

  • Fire: 000

  • Ambulance: 000

You must let Metro Housing know as soon as possible what has happened and provide receipts.

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