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Tenant Participation

The association will ensure that tenants are informed and have the opportunity to participate in decisions concerning the management of the association and their tenancies.

The association supports the rights of tenants to form an independent representative organisation, and will as far as possible provide resources and support for tenants wishing to become involved in the decision-making processes of the organisation.

The association will regularly seek the views of consumers of its services with regard to the quality of that service and will have a written publicly available policy about tenant participation.

Tenants’ Rights

All Metro Housing tenants have the right to fair and non-discriminatory treatment in all aspects of their tenancy and the right to be treated with respect.

All Metro Housing tenants will be provided with sufficient information at the beginning, and throughout their tenancy, about the activities of the Co-op.

All Metro Housing tenants will have the right to participate in the running of the Co-op, as well as the right to decline to participate.

Metro Housing will always abide by the terms and conditions of the Residential Tenancy Act when dealing with tenants.

Tenants will have security of tenure within the guidelines of their Residential Tenancy Agreement, Metro Housing policies and funding guidelines.

Metro Housing will abide by any other relevant legislation, which protects the rights of tenants.

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