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Pet Policy

Metro Community Housing understands the benefits of pet ownership and we will provide support to tenants who wish to be responsible pet owners. Tenants who live in capital properties may be allowed to keep a pet if:

  • The property is suitable for the animal, and

  • The keeping of a pet does not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of neighbours, and

  • The pet owner complies with council requirements and the Companion Animals Act.

  • The animal is registered with Council and is de-sexed (documentation may be requested to confirm these conditions are met).

The reasons a property would not be considered suitable will vary but may include:

  • The premises are too small to keep a pet

  • There is no outside space (ie no access to a garden or verandah)

The situation is far more complicated for tenants living in leasehold properties as they must abide by the rules set by the owners of the property. In many situations the keeping of pets may be prohibited by the property owner or by strata by-laws.

In all circumstances, tenants must seek permission from Metro Community Housing and tenants may not keep:

  • More than one pet

  • Restricted dogs as defined by the Companion Animals Act

  • Dogs that have been declared dangerous by a local council, or local court.

Tenants who acquire a pet without seeking prior permission may be issued with a Notice of Termination for breach of the lease and may be required to find alternate housing for the pet.

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