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What if my rent is in arrears?


If the rent payments fall more than 2 weeks in arrears you will be sent a reminder notice by Metro Housing along with a request to contact the office to arrange a repayment agreement for the amount of the arrears owed.


If you do not repay the amount in full, or make an arrangement to repay the arrears Metro Housing will seek an order from the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal for an agreement with you to repay the rent arrears.


If this agreement is not complied with, and/or renegotiated, Metro Housing will seek an eviction order from the Tribunal and you will be asked to leave the Co-op.

What is the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT)?

The CTTT is a specialist, independent, accessible Tribunal for the fair and timely resolution of residential disputes according to law.

When disputes between Metro Housing Co-op and Metro Housing tenants cannot be resolved by negotiation, they are referred to the Tribunal for a hearing. The Tribunal will then make an order resolving the matter in either the tenant’s or the landlord’s favour.

What is a Tribunal Hearing?


The Registrar of the Tribunal sends you a notice to attend a hearing about 7 to 14 days after receiving an application for an order. Hearings are held at a place near the rented premises. The notice sent by the Registrar tells you the place, date and time of the hearing.

How do I prepare for a hearing?

The Tribunal deals with matters promptly. This means that you must be able to attend a hearing 7 to 21 days after an application is made to the Tribunal, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Be well prepared for your hearing.

Take time to consider all the issues for your case before the hearing and to gather all the necessary information.

Think about what outcome you would like and consider what you can offer to pay. Prepare a budget before you go.

Take written proof of the tenancy such as:

  • a copy of your tenancy agreement;

  • copies of all correspondence between you and Metro Housing;

  • copies of rent receipts and rent records;

  • copies of notices which increase rent.


Can someone represent me at a hearing?


Usually you must represent your own case at a hearing, but the Tribunal may let you be represented by a legal advocate. Contact a Tenancy Advice Service if you would like to be represented.


What if I’d like an interpreter at a hearing?


If you need an interpreter it is wise to contact the Tribunal immediately so arrangements can be made.


What happens at the hearing?


Your application will be one of a number called by the Tribunal. The Tribunal will first try to help parties reach a settlement. This is called conciliation and at some hearings the tribunal provides conciliators who can assist parties with their negotiations.

Income Reviews


As your payments are based on your income which changes over time, the Co-operative conducts income and rent reviews every six months, in accordance with our funding requirements.

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