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Tenant's Rights

The only persons who will have access to tenant files or tenant information will be:

  • Staff

  • The tenant

  • The full Board of Directors in limited circumstances (e.g. disputes / serious breaches of policy that may lead to termination of the tenancy)

  • External support agencies or individuals where the tenant has consented to the provision of information being given to that agency or person

  • The Department of Housing where the tenant has consented to exchange of information


Tenants may access their own files at any time by giving reasonable notice. Copies of any information held on their files shall be provided to tenants unless the provision of information may compromise the confidentiality of third parties – in such circumstances staff will rely on the principles of The NSW Freedom of Information legislation to determine access.


We will abide by all relevant state and federal privacy legislation and, except where specific consent is given for release of information to other parties, we will maintain the confidentiality and privacy of tenants in all matters relating to their tenancy.


The only time that we shall disclose information about a tenant without their explicit consent is when we are legally obliged to do so (e.g. to Centrelink following formal request or as directed by a Court Order) or in circumstances

whereby we have a duty of care to do so (e.g. notification to Department of Community Services).


Tenants will be provided with a written statement about privacy when they sign up to become a tenant and will be asked to sign a form agreeing that they have sighted the statement and understand their rights and responsibilities with regard to privacy.


You can view the full Metro Community Housing Statement of Tenant Rights PDF here.

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