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Metro Housing acknowledges that over time, tenants’ needs can sometimes change and a transfer to a different property may be needed. This may be because of a change in household composition resulting in overcrowding of the current property, medical issues, or many other reasons.

How do I apply to transfer?

If you think you need a transfer to another property, you will need to first put your request in writing clearly outlining the reasons why you need to move. Please post your request to us at:

Metro Housing Organisation, PO Box 1198, Newtown NSW 2042.


How are transfer requests processed?


Tenant transfers will be dealt with in the following way:

  • Transfer requests will be dated from the date they are received at the office and recorded on a computer database.

  • Tenants will be notified in writing of the receipt and recording of their request.

  • Transfers will be offered on a wait turn basis.


What if the property is in rent arrears?


Tenants in rent arrears, or owing any other monies to Metro Housing will be ineligible for transfer until the monies are paid in full.


How are transfers allocated?


If two or more requests are received on the same day for the same size property the tenants will be contacted when a vacancy occurs and if more than one tenant wants the property the decision will be referred to the Tenant Selection Committee.


The Committee will decide the transfer using Metro Housing needs-based tenant selection policy.

What are the costs involved in transferring?

Tenants taking up transfer offers within Metro Housing must pay a bond (equivalent to 4 weeks rent) for the new property.


Tenants transferring pay the removalists costs.

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